Pole Vault Flying Coach Visit

England Athletics provided Clee AC’s Coaches and Athletes with a great evening of action and learning in Friday courtesy of a Pole Vault Flying Coach visit. Malcolm Brooks of KUHAC took on the role of Flying Coach for the evening and worked with 3 coaches and two club volunteers as well as a group of 8 Athletes who had no experience of Pole Vault. The evening gave the youngsters an opportunity to experience the event whilst the coaches and volunteers learnt about how to safely introduce the event to a new group and the initial steps in coaching. Malcolm who already has a link with the club through supporting a couple of existing vaulters, has recently set up a Humber Pole Bank. This allows clubs like Cleethorpes to hire poles for the season rather than having to make a costly purchase. It is hoped that through this initiative and Coach development opportunities such as this flying coach visit that we will will more Athletes Pole Vaulting and an increased confidence in coaching the event across the Humber.